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  • Playing online at FIBS
    Click here for a page with images of the toolbar buttons and their functions
  • If you are connecting into FIBS for the first time, you will get a dialog box to create your username and password. Usernames are case sensitive.

    Once you have logged in, double click or right click on the player list to play or watch.

    The icons on the player list will show yellow for ready, X for idle and yng yang for playing. Click the headers of the list to sort by that field

    Click on your side of the board to roll. Click the other mouse button to move the small number first. Click the cube to double. Click the Accept, Reject, Undo buttons on the toolbar to take drop reject cube action.

    Once a game has started, you can right click your opponent name to get a menu to chat. To kibitz (same as chat but everyone at the table (your opponent and all watchers) cat see hear you. Type in the box below the kibitz output window and hit "enter" to send the message.

    The screen names gammon_bot XX with high ratings are gnubg computer players.

    FIBS the server, has been around since 1992. The programs that connect to FIBS are a rag tag bunch from different people. The main point to understand with this type of arrangement is that FIBS the server is a seperate entity from the clients. The people who run the server can't help you with client issues and authors fo the clients like JavaFIBS, 3DFiBs, FiBzilla and others, cant help with server related issues like passwords, droppers, saved games and such because these thinga are outside of the scope of the client.

    Since FIBS is somewhat freestyle. some features may seem odd but after you have played for a while you will get comfortable and will probably not want to play anywhere else.

    FIBS is a fun place to play backgammon. The average fibster is a strong opponent and the atmosphere is that of a friendly small club with regulars that have been there for years.